Sabbath School Resources


THE SABBATH SCHOOL HANDBOOK A book which can be ideal for changing lives during the Sabbath school programme.  This book is a must have for superintendents, division leaders secretaries and other personnel who are involved in Sabbath school.

A4 Book - 109 pages
Price: R40
PERSONAL MINISTRIES HANDBOOK – This handbook contains job descriptions for Personal Ministries personnel in the local church.  It has many helps including outlines and ideas for personal ministries programs and it has the duties and responsibilities of the personal ministries leader and secretary.

A4 Book - 78 pages
Price: R40
FUNDAMENTALS OF THE SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST FAITH – Here Ellen White is reminding us that the Word of God is the foundation of our faith and this book has a short summary of Bible studies which can be read individually or studied as a group.

A5 - 73 pages
Price: R40
SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST BELIEVE This book contains the official and fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  It is an exposition of all 28 Fundamental Beliefs for easy understanding.

A5 - 446 pages
Price: R22
REKINDLING A LOST PASSION - This book by Russell Burrill explores revolutionary ideas on reinventing the church after the New Testament and early Adventist practice and patterns.  This book explains that new churches are demanded by the Lord of the harvest in order that the lost may be found.

A5 - 246 pages
Price: R95
WELCOME TO GOD’S FAMILY –This is your invitation to an abundant and fruitful Christian life.  This book is also a dedication to soul winners in the Seventh-day Adventist Church whose perseverance in witnessing has inspired us all through the years.

Available in English and Afrikaans
A5 - 40 pages
Price: R10
WHEN GOD SAID REMEMBER - A biblical and historical study in each chapter on how much God loves you, experiencing a relationship with God in new exciting ways and learning about the fourth commandment which talks about observing the Sabbath. By Mark Finley.

A5 - 131 pages
Price: R5
ABOUT THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS – This booklet explains in short what Seventh-day Adventists believe and who they are as well as getting an introduction of church structure.  This booklet is supplied by the General Conference.

A5 - 14 pages
Price: R5
STEPS TO CHRIST – This booklet leads those looking for meaning in life to discover it in Jesus Christ and step by step to find forgiveness, confidence, security and real joy.  It shows Christ as the way to lasting peace.  By E.G White

A6 - 128 pages
Price: R5
WITNESSING FOR CHRIST – This booklet is a hands-on training guide which describes with precision the most essential work that can be done house to house, searching for souls and looking for lost people.  It teaches how to write your own personal testimony, do community surveys and also includes a 7-week training schedule.  Excellent for training church members in soul-winning.

Available in English and Afrikaans.
A5 - 72 pages
Price: R20
RADICAL DISCIPLES FOR REVOLUTIONARY CHURCHES - This book thoroughly establishes discipleship as the goal of the evangelistic process. It talks about the power of a church built on relationships.
By Russell Burrill.

A5 - 120 pages
Price: R70
PRISON MINISTRY HANDBOOK  - The  purpose of this manual is to set forth some basic principles and guidelines for those individuals who would like to become involved in prison ministry outreach.

A4 - 27 pages
Price: R15
SIGNS OF THE TIMES – A biblical look at a variety of very relevant subjects like the end of the world, sinners, faith, marriage, forgiveness, and many more.  

Available in English and Afrikaans.
A4 - 31 pages
Price: R5
HOW TO GIVE POWERFUL BIBLE STUDIES – This book will lead you in a simple and systematic manner on how to share the word of God.  It contains a syllabus of how to give effective bible study and it also has a section on reaching and winning different religious groups.  This is an excellent training book for congregations.  Compiled by Shandrell Penniken.

A4 – 186 pages
Price: R80
SOUL WINNING HOSPITALITY - Theoretical and practical ways of how the gift of hospitality can be used as a tool in evangelism for the individual. This book has a course outline and schedule for soul winning hospitality. It also has quotations on hospitality from Ellen G. White.  This is a must-have training resource for congregations and groups.

A4 - 122 pages
Price: R60
HOW TO DO EFFECTIVE VISITATION – This amazing training resource provides knowledge on how to do effective visitation e.g. former Adventists, visiting the sick, the power of the word of God to transform lives during visitations.  It also has a section on evangelism as well as a sample religious survey.   Compiled by Shandrell  Penniken.

A4 – 165 pages
Price: R60
HOW TO ESTABLISH AN EMPOWERED PRAYER MINISTRY – Another great training resource with principles and practical ways of how a Christ-centred, empowered, committed prayer ministry by an individual, family and the church can be used to win souls. This book has two pages of study guide on our need of prayer.  Compiled by Enslin Baxen.

A4 – 127pages
Price: R70
TRUE REVIVAL – The Church’s Greatest Need. This is a compilation book by Ellen White on revival. She helps us distinguish between true and false revival and talks about how revival reveals itself in our Christian walk.

A5 - 94 pages
Price: R15
IN HIS STEPS - This is a series of short scriptural studies on the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  It is designed to help Christians develop an ever closer walk with God just as Jesus did. Each lesson in this book concludes with a statement of commitment to the truth the lesson presents.  Excellent for preparation for baptism, a reference guide as well as giving it to people who want to see from the Bible what the SDA church believes.

A5 – 27pages
Price: R10
CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT – A general certificate for general use.
On cardboard and in colour.     

SABBATH SCHOOL & PERSONAL MINISTRIES CLASS RECORD – This record card is to be used by each Sabbath School Action Unit (Sabbath School Class) at the start of the lesson study.  The names of regular members to the Sabbath School Action Unit is recorded on it as well as visitors’ names.  It is also used for recording ministry activities.  

Available in English and Afrikaans.